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A Sound Decision Construction delivers the finest in luxury custom homes to clients in the Tampa Bay area, resulting in an impressive reputation for originality and value. Ours is a very customer-oriented company that truly listens to homeowners' desires, guiding their dreams from imagination to reality. Commitments to exceptional design and incomparable construction quality have stood as the cornerstones of our success, year after year.


A Sound Decision Construction is proud to bring personal service, renowned quality and superb craftsmanship to the creation of true custom masterpieces. Wherever you turn you will find gracious design, comfortable living and unparalleled quality. Every detail of your home will be specifically crafted to fit your lifestyle choices. Our company will be honored to get you started on the path to the home of your imaginings.


Wiring Installation

We have over 20 years of experience prewiring and postwiring homes. No job is to big or to small. We install Cable TV, Satellite TV, Phone, Computer Networking, Speaker, Surveillance Camera, Intercom, Low Voltage Lighting, and all other forms of Low Voltage Wiring.

Custom Audio Video

Our services include Home Theaters, Surround Sound, Whole Home Audio, Distributed Video, Projection Systems, Surveillance Camera Systems, Flat Panel TV Installations, Media Center PC’s, and Game Systems.

Other Services

Our Services Include Central Vac, Phone Technical Support, Remote Control Consolidation, Equipment Sales, Competitive Pricing, Expert Advice.